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Medium and low voltage type-test achievement
2010 year has marked the turning-point in our company development itinerary. We became the Vietnam’s first company that achieve type-test certificate of renowned laboratory ASTA both in medium and low voltage switchboard; MV switchboard up to 24 kV, 2500A, 31.5kA/3s compliance with IEC 62271-200 standard and LV switchboard 6300A, IP 54, form 4b in accordance with the newest standard IEC 61439-1 (the older standard IEC 60439-1).
Beside, in respect to medium voltage switchboard we also passed an important test item – Arcing Fault Test with internal arc classification: AFLR. Eventually, getting both ASTA type-test certificate is the evidence for our electrical science conquering ambition, type-test also prove for our manufacturing and management capacity, type-test is also the bridge making us and customer more proximity in big projects

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